SB179 Protects Everyone But Women

Makes Nevada a wild west abortion state where almost anything goes.

· SB179 removes penalties for back alley abortions and for providing DIY home abortion kits and other concoctions by removing NRS 201.120 and NRS 201.130.

· Eliminates age verification making child sex trafficking easier in Nevada

· Eliminates screening for coercion thereby protecting abusers.

· Eliminates requirement to give women consistent information concerning abortion procedure in writing, including potential physical and emotional impacts.

Where is it in the process?

SB179 has passed out of each house and is making its way to the Governor's desk for signature or VETO. Please call and email Governor Sisolak and ask him kindly to veto SB179.

What can you do?

Call Governor Steve Sisolak 775-684-5670 and ask him to Veto. Send him a letter or postcard to 101 S. Carson St. Carson City, NV 89701. Email him at :

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Third and Fourth Trimester abortions? Barbaric

This is a challenging video to watch. Most people - especially legislators and activists - who promote, defend, and hope to expand abortion do not understand what they are defending. Or at least we hope. This gripping video describes what was approved in New York on January 22, 2019 and what is being advanced in state after state, including, presumably, Nevada. Help us fight this barbaric legislation. 


Check out this great video

Karen Gaffney

Check out this great video. 2019 keynote speaker for the Friends for Life Dinner is Karen Gaffney. As a self-advocate and advocate for other Down Syndrome people, Karen's message is empowering, inspirational, and very timely. Check out her video below. For tickets,  

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